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Pan Galactic engaging with everyone to create ‘Crypto New Years’ through Sat0sh1’s Pizza festival. We’re celebrating a shared origin story on a moment in blockchain history which captured people’s imaginations and helped to catapult the use of crypto and blockchain into the mainstream consciousness. That moment was May 22nd 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz 10,000 bitcoins were paid in exchange for 2 Pizzas!

This transaction is worth ~ $296,361,276 today!

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We are creating 600 hand drawn unique NFTs to commemorate this moment in time and establishing the festival for years to come.    There will be no second series of the Sat0sh1’s Pizza NFT and there are only 600 being created.   The NFTs feature perfect slices of crypto pizza heaven, hot and fresh from Sat0sh1’s oven, they feature a random assortment of crypto, traditional and strange toppings. What will you be having?

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WHat's on the menu?

As Pizza is as universal as blockchain we thought this made the perfect marriage of concepts. We are working to represent as much of the industry as possible through this release, we also want to represent the people who love crypto or pizza…. Each NFT will be randomly generated at Mint!


The NFTs will feature a series of different arms, male, female, robot, turtle and ape. The arms will vary in skin colour and there will be a number of unique traits to each arm too.


The outer frames will differ in colour giving more variety. Which frame will you get? Will it be a rare one?


Sat0sh1’s Pizza NFT will feature perfect slices of crypto pizza heaven, hot and fresh from Sat0sh1’s oven, they feature a random assortment of crypto, traditional and strange toppings each slice will contain a combination. What will you have?


Traditional: Mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, chillis, ham, olives, pineapple (surely not!)

Strange: Fish, ice cream, Bananas...

Sat0sh1’s Pizza Festival and NFT are establishing an annual worldwide festival based on the first Bitcoin transaction for real world goods. Sat0sh1s Pizza Festival involves music, entertainment and bringing people together so get involved!

We have the perfect holiday food (Pizza), and a number of ways people can get involved with no barriers to taking part. We have already booked a venue and line up for our festival event, we will be streaming this through Twitch TV and the Metaverse for anyone who wants to join us. We are providing a promoters pack for anyone who wishes to throw their own festival party, and we will talk about, promote and support their parties too.

You can even take part by grabbing a slice of the good stuff and taking a photo of yourself with your slice on the 22nd May. Simply post your photo with the hashtag #Sat0sh1sPizzaFest on social media and join the fun.   For more information on the Festival see the event page and join our communities on Twitter and discord

These NFTs are here to commemorate the beginning of the festival and offer amazing rewards and benefits for those who come with us on this adventure!

Back on May 22nd 2010, when 10,000 bitcoins was paid by Lazlo Hanyecz in exchange for 2 Pizzas! This transaction is worth $296,361,276 today!   This moment is the origin story for a movement which has birthed so many start-ups and helped people to realise new possibilities of digital democratised finance. The Bitcoin Pizza Transaction birthed a financial revolution and a cultural movement.

We felt it was time someone made a celebration and festival for our whole community and #Sat0sh1sPizzaFest was born!

Creating a festival allows us to engage with people, educate and promote blockchain. Showing unity and inviting people in, is a great way to break down barriers.

Using Pizza as a mechanism to make it easy for people to get involved is a great way to engage and build a community. Moving to greater adoption is easier to achieve when it’s also about fun. We felt it is time we all got together from those who prioritise DeFi to those who are breaking boundaries in the Metaverse.  P2E gamers, NFT Collectors, speculative investors, developers, auditors, exchanges, BTC Maxis, ETH Maxis, we need to unite! What better way to do that than through a big celebration!

Flow Collingwood

Concept Architect for Sat0sh1’s Pizza / CEO of Pan Galactic
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Leigh Redhead

NFT Artist for Sat0sh1’s Pizza
/ Head of Creative of Pan Galactic
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Alan Raw

Head of Partnerships and education for Sat0sh1’s Pizza
/ Head of Partnerships and education of Pan Galactic
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Lawrence Worrell

Chief technical Officer for Sat0sh1’s Pizza
/ Chief technical Officer of Pan Galactic
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Adomas Kazakevicius

Head of Community at Pan Galactic
/ Head of Community at Sat0sh1’s Pizza Festival
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Stage one


Developing a strong community concept around the Bitcoin Pizza Transaction, looking into story, fun elements and how to engage a wide audience around the concept, initial sketches, design research etc.

Developing a series of community benefits which serve to make the world a better place and create new opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Developing a prize offering for the Grand prize winner.

Event design, talent management.

Stage two

Design work

Deep dive into the design aspects of the traits and hand-drawn illustration of every single element of the NFTs (arms, slice, toppings, colours)

Build of discord channels-Event design for physical and digital channels

Stage three

Partnership building

Working with the greatest partners to develop a strong team approach to delivering a NFT powered community festival. Communities, engineers, designers and marketers. Working to attract sponsors for the festival.

Stage Complete
Stage Complete
In Progress
Stage four


Distributing Press releases, partnership marketing, social media marketing and communicating to the audience built through twitter, Discord and LinkedIn

Stage five

Whitelist launch & Mint

More information to be announced soon

Stage six

Public Mint

More information to be announced soon

In Pipeline
In Pipeline
Stage Seven

Festival 2022

Saturday 21st May / Sunday 22nd of May 2022

Stage Eight

Holder Benefits

Sunday 22nd of May 2022 will open up the benefits package for all holders, this includes access to order festival merchandise and pizza vouchers.

Stage Nine

Prize draws for all holders

Monthly prize draws for all NFT holders on the 22nd of each month until May 22nd 2023 for a mystery box featuring merchandise, crypto, wallets and other mysterious items.  Three holders per month will win a prize until the expiry date.

In Pipeline
In Pipeline
In Pipeline
Stage ten

When sold out

30 days after the last NFT is minted there will be a grand prize draw for one holder of the NFT to win the grand prize which includes, the NFT artist painting a mural of the NFT for the winner in their home or business, a bitcoin, a holiday for two, various other great prizes. The entire prize bundle will be of a value of at least $60,000 and so for each NFT there is a 1 in 600 chance of winning the grand prize. The grand prize winner will also have the first Pizza van and forest named after them.

Stage Eleven

Additional Benefits

Purchase a forest for sustainability purposes but also allow holders to have a chance to join us on bushcraft retreats as part of the monthly prize draw.  NB. Purchase of forest will take 8-12 weeks to complete.

Purchase of two airstream mobile pizza catering units and the start of Sat0sh1’s Pizza DAO, all holders will have the opportunity to be included in the DAO membership to build a community run Pizza business.   All holders will have the chance to get a free slice and beer where they see the units. NB catering units take 12-16 weeks from order to delivery and are built to spec with full 'business in a box’ facilities.

Stage twelve

Planning for 2023+

Our intention is to have this festival growing, evolving and developing for years to come and currently we have plans until 2025 already in motion.   As we develop audience and community we will include more and more people to develop the festival to be a world event with more venues worldwide and bigger line ups

In Pipeline
In Pipeline
In Pipeline
Hold up
Next Steps

Join the community

We are a community powered festival, the more the merrier and unity is the focus of this project, let’s get together and show the type of unity which helps mass adoption.   We’re active in our community, so come and get involved!

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